Study Abroad and the Department of English and Reading and World Languages Presents:

Study Abroad MoroccoMorocco: A Land of Many Distinctions

Trip: May 24 – June 2, 2016

DEADLINE FAST APPROACHING: Registration with initial deposit due December 21

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Join Professors Fatma Ismail (Arabic) and Cinder Cooper Barnes (English) in an exploration of Morocco, the Land of Many Distinctions.  

In conjunction with Elementary Arabic (ARAB 101 and ARAB 102) and Women in Literature (ENGL 208), we will extend learning beyond classroom walls by becoming engaged in Morocco’s rich cultural heritage and diversity.

Participants will learn amidst;

  • kasbahs and souks
  • ruins and palaces
  • mosques and synagogues

Our experience will be one of immersion tying together literature, writing, and the arts

For more information on the program, go to: for the agenda, participation form, and, for MC full-time faculty, the professional development proposal.

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