Faculty and Staff: Don’t believe the toner salesperson!

(This is just too silly not to share…)

Earlier we cautioned you about a “toner cartridge” scam that was occurring across the college. While it has subsided, recent reports indicate that the scammers are back! The scam works like this:

  • Employees get a phone call from someone who appears to be a college employee or vendor rep. The caller sounds legitimate and employees may volunteer info about their printers and/or agree to place orders.
  • You receive toner cartridges and you are billed, whether you ordered them or not.
  • The toner cartridges may or may not be delivered, yet demands are made for payment and returns are difficult.

Please remind staff who manage printers that Montgomery College currently has only three “authorized” toner suppliers. These suppliers are NOT permitted to call departments to solicit orders.

To stop this scam, it is imperative that employees disconnect any calls they receive from persons offering to sell toner cartridges. Also, if invoices are received, that you report the names of the vendors to the director of Procurement Services so that they are held accountable for their unethical sales practices.

Thank You.

Office of Procurement