Six years ago, I came to the USA with $150 in my hand. I worked three jobs, 60-65 hours a week, to pay my expenses and college tuition fees. I was not a smart student in my classes, but I was an ambitious student. During the time of my college years, I had many challenges such as language proficiency, cultural change, and living style. But I did not give up and kept walking on the road of my educational journey. I have worked as student aide at English and Reading department for almost two years. After I graduated with an Associate Arts Degree from Montgomery College, I became full time staff at Montgomery College started 2015.

I was awarded two scholarships, Student Employee of the Year (2013-2014), and Star Start Award (2014-2015). My first scholarship was a one term scholarship from the Kaiser Permanente Foundation (2011), and the other scholarship was a three year scholarship from the Herblock Foundation (2012-2014), Washington DC. Also, every year I was awarded a Montgomery College Board Trustee Grant which paid for my summer school tuition and fees.

These scholarships and grant monies helped me greatly in my academic journey. I was on the Dean’s list on 2014 and 2016 academic years at Montgomery College, and 2016 academic year at School of Professional Studies, City University of New York. I am currently working on my BA, Communication and Media, degree with the City University of New York, School of Professional Studies. I love Montgomery College because Professors are professional, students are friendly, and the staffs are supportive for all the students.

The reason that I like to study in the USA is because I want to be an educated person, and would like to help the people in Myanmar. I feel that there are many opportunities in the United States as long as I work hard enough in my life.