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April 2016

Red Jacket 2016 Publication Event

All are invited…

The Red Jacket

MC Rockville’s Student Literary Magazine

Publication Event, Wednesday May 4

Noon to 2:00

Campus Center 216


Creative Writers, faculty, staff, and people who love to read:

Come to the Red Jacket 2016 publication event. Enjoy the work of the student writers and editors who make this journal possible.

  • Free copies of the 2016 edition to all who come!
  • Light Refreshments will be provided.
  • Learn how you can submit your poetry, fiction, prose, art work, and photography for the 2017 spring edition of the magazine.
  • Questions? Email either of the Advisors:
  • Or email Editor-in-Chief

Mythology: Expand Your Universe


Creation  Beauty  Power  Terror  Quest  Revelation  Dream  Transformation  

Apotheosis Apocalypse

~birthplace of belief ~ guardian of mystery ~ gateway to insight ~ inspiration~



ENGL 122 CRN20769 TR 8:00-9:15 a.m.

Introduction to World Mythology

Fall 2016 Prof. Carol Malmi

Illustration: The Pillars of Creation, a star-forming region of the Eagle Nebula

Summer 1: Introduction to Literature

ENGL 190, Introduction to Literature
Professor Greg Wahl
Summer I 2016, CRN 41906
TR 8:00-11:45 TP/SS

Read and respond to fun and interesting stories, poems, and plays from around the world.

A customer walks into a diner and orders eggs and toast. Suddenly and without a word, the sole employee of the diner, Javier, is taken away by the authorities. No one else in the diner notices. The customer is left watching his eggs continue to cook on the grill. What happens next? (Larry Fondation, “Deportation at Breakfast”)

A chef is being held as a political prisoner. He escapes from his shackles, and a college professor is captured and held in his place, in a case of mistaken identity. The chef finds the professor’s briefcase, which contains all the professor’s personal information about his life and job. What would you do? (Rebecca Makai, “The Briefcase”)

Need a couple more teasers?  Continue reading “Summer 1: Introduction to Literature”

End of Gen. Ed. Labs on the Horizon

This week is the final week that the General Education Committee will be offering open lab sessions for help completing certification forms this semester.  Please see below for a brief description of the sessions, and please note that the sessions aren’t specific to any one discipline – we can help with your forms if you’re getting ready to submit them for HUMD and Math in May or help you get a leg up on understanding the forms and process if you’re going to be working on BSSD, NSND, or NSLD in the Fall.  The final sessions are:

Tuesday, 4/26, from 12-2pm in RC202 at TP/SS
Wednesday, 4/27 from 2:30-4:30pm in SC400 at RV
Thursday, 11:30am – 1:30pm in PK105 at G

Please consider dropping in on a session – working with committee representatives now can save a lot of time and effort in revisions later!

Tammy Stuart Peery

Free WEPA Cards and Flashdrives, Just Register

Put some Lit in your Life and get Free GIVEAWAYS!!!

MC-Rockville students: register for classes in the English and Reading office Monday, April 25 through Friday, May 20 in Macklin Tower 526, and we’ll give you free stuff, including WEPA cards, cups, mugs, flash drives, and so much more!

Literature Courses, Fall 2016

Montgomery College, Rockville Campus Continue reading “Free WEPA Cards and Flashdrives, Just Register”

ENGL-READ Prof. Isaiah Ayafor will speak later this week at the Language and Sustainable Development Goals Symposium in New York regarding his piece published in the refereed journal, Language Policy. The title: “Eric A. Anchimbe: Language Policy and Identity Construction: The Dynamics of Cameroon’s Multilingualism.”

Ayafor article title in Language Policy.
Ayafor’s article title page in Language Policy.

CFP: TYCA Conference

Call for Proposals

Making Connections: Creative Collaboration for Critical Literacy

Submit by May 1; Conference Oct. 13-15, 2016.

Connect with us in Connecticut as we celebrate our 51st year by renewing our commitment to pedagogy and scholarship as English educators. We are interested in hearing how you address the theme of Making Connections: Creative Collaboration for Critical Literacy

If you have an idea or approach that works in your classroom, or if you want to share your thoughts as a seasoned professional about what it means to teach English in a two-year college, we encourage you to submit a proposal. We suggest your collaboration with teaching colleagues, both within and outside of your college community.

Traditional proposals will be accepted, but non-traditional proposals and poster session proposals are also welcomed. Presentations should focus on some aspect of the TYCA purpose: “the intellectual and pedagogical growth of English teachers and administrators in the two-year college throughout the northeast region.”

Continue reading “CFP: TYCA Conference”

Please join me this Thursday to hear Uri Treisman from the Dana Center in Texas and a nationally recognized leader in developmental education speak to the college about trends in developmental courses.  He is attending as part of our work on a First in The World Grant which will hopefully have significant impacts on developmental math pathway into statics.  This presentation will cover a wide variety of topics and will be beneficial to anyone hoping to influence student success.

You can learn more about him at

I hope to see you all on Thursday April 21 in BE 158 from 2:00 to 3:30.


John Hamman

Dean of Mathematics & Statistics

English Department Meeting

Friday, April 22

Semester in Engagement


SB 202


Dr. Harry Harden Awards Due This Week!

Dr. Harry Harden, Jr. Student Academic Excellence Medallion Award Nomination Form

Academic Year 2016

Faculty, staff and administrators are invited to nominate Montgomery College students who have shown excellence inside and outside of the classroom for the Dr. Harry Harden, Jr. Student Academic Excellence Medallion Award. One student from each of the College’s three campuses will be chosen for this prestigious award based on the following criteria.

Students must have:

  • earned a cumulative 3.5 or higher grade point average;
  • demonstrated outstanding leadership on campus or in our external community;
  • excelled in service to the College or our external community; and
  • been approved for graduation for May 2016 with an associate’s degree.

Nominations must be received by the Office of the Vice President/Provost of the respective campus by NOON, Friday, April 22, 2016.  Please send the attached nomination form and any supporting documentation by campus mail or email to the attention of Catherine O’Brien.  Selections will be made not later than May 2, 2016, and submitted to the Office of the SVP for Students Affairs.   If you need more information, please contact the student’s campus VP/Provost office.

Cherry Blossom Conference a Success

MCG political science student Peter Winnard talks about the philosopher John Locke at the Humanitites Students' Cherry Blossom Conference.
MCG political science student Peter Winnard talks about the philosopher John Locke at the Humanitites Students’ Cherry Blossom Conference.

Thank you all so much for your work with students and your participation in our first-ever Humanities Students’ Cherry Blossom Conference last Friday! We had well over 150 students, faculty, and administrators in attendance throughout the day, and all reports back suggest that attendees enjoyed a rich, meaningful, and engaging experience as they listened to student presenters from all three campuses and a variety of Humanities disciplines.

The students who presented have also told us they found this experience meaningful, one writing to me that she, “really enjoyed having a platform to not only present my work to my peers and professors, but to also to hear the varying and interesting viewpoints of those in attendance. It was definitely an eye opening experience that I was very grateful to have.” Another presenter pointed out the valuable perspective our Humanities courses offer her noting that “As a science major student my Global Humanities class […] really excited my outlooks […] to look at the human facets of what I intend to research.”

We are so thrilled that we have a showcase for our students’ work in the Humanities disciplines. The conference truly demonstrated how Humanities courses naturally encourage the kind of critical thinking skills and interdisciplinary connections we want our students to leave MC with.

We agree with Dean Fechter that this should be an annual event! We hope to continue working with you all to grow this conference for Spring of 2017. Keep up all of your great work, and thank you again!

Rebecca Eggenschwiler, Conference Coordinator, Assoc. Prof. of English

Summer II: Online Intro. to Lit.

DickisonFlyerIntroduction to Literature offered Online Summer 2!

Engage in the scintillating study of Fiction, Poetry, and Drama this summer by taking ENGL190, conveniently offered online.

Steep yourself in engrossing stories; fill your head with poignant poetry; entrance your sensibilities by losing yourself in spellbinding drama.

You will savor superb literature while enhancing your critical thinking skills; you will be the envy of your friends and family.  You will revel in English 190 under the tutelage of Dr. Dickison, Ph.D.

Student Humanities Conference FRIDAY

Please come out and support our great Montgomery College students as they share excellent work from their Humanities courses. Attached you can find the program for the event. I think you’ll see that the work our students do in these courses is incredibly rich and varied, as well as truly interdisciplinary. We hope folks from all departments will come out to hear these students and help them celebrate success.

Please feel free to bring your classes. I think this will be a fun and engaging opportunity for students to see how to approach academic thinking, writing, research, and presentation.

Everyone is welcome for all or just part of the time. We are so looking forward to seeing you there.

The conference runs 10 a.m. to 2p.m. See the attached flyer for a full agenda.


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