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MC-Rockville students: register for classes in the English and Reading office Monday, April 25 through Friday, May 20 in Macklin Tower 526, and we’ll give you free stuff, including WEPA cards, cups, mugs, flash drives, and so much more!

Literature Courses, Fall 2016

Montgomery College, Rockville Campus 

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ENGL 122: Introduction to World Mythology

World mythology across a range of periods and cultures.  (HUMD-M)

ENGL 190: Introduction to Literature

Study of literary forms, including fiction, essays, poetry and drama (HUMD)

ENGL 201: Introduction to World Literature I

Poetry, fiction, essay and drama from antiquity through the mid-17th century (HUMD-M)

ENGL 208: Women in Literature

Literature by and about women from a multicultural perspective (HUMD-M)

 ENGL 211: Survey of American Literature

Survey of American literature from its beginnings through the mid-19th century (HUMD)

ENGL 231: Introduction to Modern Poetry

Poetry from the late 19th century through the mid-20th century (HUMD)

ENGL 233: The Short Story

Basic elements of fiction as they appear in short stories (HUMD)

ENGL 235: Film and Literature

Comparative study of films and the literary sources upon which they are based (ARTD)

ENGL 245: Bible as Literature

Major books of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures considered from literary and historical points of view. (HUMD)

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