ENGL 190, Introduction to Literature
Professor Greg Wahl
Summer I 2016, CRN 41906
TR 8:00-11:45 TP/SS

Read and respond to fun and interesting stories, poems, and plays from around the world.

A customer walks into a diner and orders eggs and toast. Suddenly and without a word, the sole employee of the diner, Javier, is taken away by the authorities. No one else in the diner notices. The customer is left watching his eggs continue to cook on the grill. What happens next? (Larry Fondation, “Deportation at Breakfast”)

A chef is being held as a political prisoner. He escapes from his shackles, and a college professor is captured and held in his place, in a case of mistaken identity. The chef finds the professor’s briefcase, which contains all the professor’s personal information about his life and job. What would you do? (Rebecca Makai, “The Briefcase”)

Need a couple more teasers? 

An elderly African American woman is walking to town. She is startled by a dog and falls into the ditch. When she opens her eyes, she sees a white man looking down at her, holding a gun. What will he do? (Eudora Welty, “A Worn Path”)

A Nigerian man is inquiring over the phone about renting an apartment. The landlady asks him questions about the color of his skin. “Madam,” he begins… What does he say next? (Akinwande Oluwole Soyinka, “The Telephone Conversation”)