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December 2016

Dual Enrollment: Put Some Magic in Your Psyche!

magic_writing-2Writing well is like magic. Writing well in content courses requires intense critical inquiry.

Discover the trick: Dual enroll in ENGL 102 and PSYC 102.

ENGL 102

CRN 24009

HU 133

T/R 9 am – 10:30 am

NO BOOKS required for the ENGL course.

Simply purchase the textbook for PSYC 102.

Also register for:

PSYC 102

CRN 34376


Hockenbury, ISBN: 9781319042967


Contact Prof.

240 567 7416


Spring 2017: Mythology Is More Current than You Think…

Mighty Zeus

Mythology isn’t just stories that ancient people believed to explain what they couldn’t understand. It actually drives civilizations, providing a great deal of cultural information, and it’s working today. We’ll examine world mythology and connect it with present day and recent United States mythological references and stories.

Sign up:

Spring 2017: Cosmos, Heroes and Monsters! Take Intro. to World Lit. 1

Learn about creation and cosmos, epic heroes and monsters, kings and queens, self and society.  It’s quite an adventure!!

Sign up:

Spring17: Emotional, Enigmatic, Rebellious: Sign up for Survey of Brit Lit II

Want to read poems that are intense, emotional, rebellious, and enigmatic?

Want to experience life through pleasure and pain, tears and laughter, joy and suffering, mysteries and adventures?

Wonder why race relations are so complex?

Wonder why our existence is so puzzling and confusing?


  • English 214: Survey of Brit Lit II
    • You do NOT need to take Brit Lit I in order to sign up for Brit Lit II!
  • Online (distance learning)
  • CRN 35093
  • Questions or concerns? Contact: Prof.

Preserving the Blue Marble: Global Sustainability through Chemistry and Writing

Are you concerned about the future of our earth? A special MC “Learning Community” is taking it on!

Preserving the Blue Marble: Global Sustainability through Chemistry and Writing unites ENGL 103 and CHEM 109 with a single curriculum focused around the concept of sustainability or the wise use of our resources so that Earth remains livable beyond the present.

Through this Learning Community, you will learn not only about the challenges of living sustainably but also the ways that we can make a difference both individually and together.

To join this Learning Community, please sign up for:

  • ENGL 103 (31213) and CHEM 109 (32260).
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • 11 am to 1:45 pm.

For more information, please write Prof. Benson at or Prof. Szlyk at

Spring17: ENGL212, Survey of American Literature II

What kind of country is this? We can’t understand what’s going on right now without understanding what came before.

Come find out by reading great literature from the late 19th Century up through today. We can’t understand what’s going on right now without understanding what came before.

Read, think, discuss. Then decide for yourself: What kind of country are we? What kind of country do we want to be?

Have questions? Contact Prof.

  • ENGL 212
  • CRN: 34371
  • Tue/Thu, 3:30-4:45
  • Humanities Distribution!

Spring17: English 190, Love Gone Wrong

Read about lovers who have snapped, lovers who are obsessed, and lovers who have been jilted in this survey course that covers short story, poetry, drama, and one exciting novel.

See you in the Spring!

  • Mon/Wed/Fri
  • 11-11:50am
  • CRN 31222
  • For more info, contact:

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