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Elizabeth Benton

Dept. Chair Publishes Study

Montgomery College Faculty and StaffENGL-READ Dept. Chair Elizabeth Benton published a study, “It’s Emotional: An English Teacher’s Journey In a New Classroom” on the Innovation Works website. The study tracks the academic and emotional life of a community college professor, “Sarah,” through her teaching in a new form of English Composition class.

The Accelerated Learning Program, or ALP, brings developmental students into the college-level classroom and also continues instruction with them in a separate course. It asks the teacher to open up to students and consider the whole student–academic and home life–during instruction: “In her classroom, Sarah recognizes the need to invest in the students’ lives, to understand who they are beyond their essay writing.”

From the study:

But when we are faced with more than half of a class of students who are just not “getting it,” we have to consider our whole person as well as theirs. In an effort to create meaningful instruction, do we have to invest ourselves in the lives of our students, their educational and life gaps? Perhaps the inclusion model for developmental student learning is an effective first step toward answering that question.

Benton is a doctoral candidate at The George Washington University in the Graduate School of Education and Human Development.


“My Journey. Our Journey.” Theme for ENGL102 with Prof. Benton

My Journey. Our Journey.

Navigating change, individuality and society in the twenty-first century.

ENGL 102 with Prof. Elizabeth Benton.

Frequently Asked Questions…

  • Is there a required textbook?
    • No, but there are required supplemental materials.
  • When does the class meet?
    • Friday afternoons only.
  • Do we choose our own topics?
    • Yes, as long as they are within the frame of the semester theme and based on the readings.
  • Do we revise our work?
    • Yes.One paper will be revised.

Take ENGL102 this fall:

Dept. Meeting Tuesday May 3, 4-5p.m.

Our final department meeting this spring is Tuesday, May 3 from 4:00-5:00.  We will meet “in the round” to discuss the Academic Master Plan draft and the Statement of Expectations.

As a recap: The Academic Master Plan is in draft form.  If you want to respond to it, please do so on the AMP website (search it on the MC website).  We’ll also discuss it, though, and I can send some thoughts forward as needed/as I am able.  I’ve been sending some items in already.

The Statement of Expectations is an updated version of a generally agreed upon document shared by community colleges around the state.  The committee meets twice a semester and includes faculty and department chairs.  We’re hoping the document is final by the CAO meeting in June if not long before.

See you Tuesday if not sooner—eb

Montgomery College Faculty and StaffEnglish-Reading Department professor Rebecca Eggenschwiler (Rockville) and Department Chair Elizabeth Benton (Rockville) have been accepted to present at the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies conference April 6.

Their presentation: “Community College Educational Change: A Department Chair and Faculty Member Tackle the Turbulence of a Reform Era.”

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