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We all write our own histories.


ENGL 190

Emily Rosado

I am an optimist, lover of animals, and believer in the power of kindness. Current reading obsessions: Stories of explorers Lewis and Clark and the courage of Martin Luther.

Why should you take Introduction to Literature? To read the innermost thoughts of others allows us a window into our own fears, hopes, desires, and dreams. Journey with me through stories of bravery, heartache, loneliness, and conflict. To study literature is to study human nature and learn more about ourselves.

Prof. Rosado teaches:

  • Intro. to Literature, ENGL 190, CRN 20320
  • Distance Learning, late start

You can reach her:


Spring17: English 190, Love Gone Wrong

Read about lovers who have snapped, lovers who are obsessed, and lovers who have been jilted in this survey course that covers short story, poetry, drama, and one exciting novel.

See you in the Spring!

  • Mon/Wed/Fri
  • 11-11:50am
  • CRN 31222
  • For more info, contact:

Late Start Intro. to Literature

ENGL190  CRN 31924 — Intro to Lit

Kirzner Compact Literature
Kirzner Compact Literature

Late start: Feb. 1, 9:00-9:55 MWF

Keep your General Education requirements up-to-date with this late start Introduction to Literature.  We’ll do fun stuff–Lit is fun!–and read mostly contemporary people… short story, poetry, plays, graphic novels.

For more on this, contact Prof.

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