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Find Your Way Through English Grammar

English grammar can feel as complex as a maze, but with the right guide, it doesn’t have to feel that way.

Prof. Thurston breaks the sentence down into understandable pieces so that students can see how the parts create a whole–it’s a bit like seeing a maze from above. Students learn how the sentence is put together and therefore where the punctuation goes and why some words can go in different locations with the sentence. It all becomes clear!

Questions? Contact Prof.

  • ENGL-110, Summer 1.
  • MTWR, 10:30-12:40 for five weeks (May 29 – June 28)
  • CRN: 44511
  • Rockville campus, SB212



Get Some Principles! Learn Grammar This Spring!

Get Some Principles! Take English Grammar this Spring!

Register for ENGL110, Principles of English Grammar

CRN 31666

Questions? Call Dr. Dickison:(240) 567-4004

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Learn to read and write like M.C. Hammer!
English 110 this Spring
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Doc D’s teaching Principles of Grammar.

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