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Joanna Howard

Event: Handwriting the Constitution

All are welcome to participate on Friday Oct. 27, 9:30-11 a.m. as the college celebrates the U.S. Constitution by handwriting it verbatim.

We will have copies of the Constitution, pens, and paper to share! Everyone is welcome.

Room 205, South Campus Instructional Building (SB, the “Welcome Center Building”)

More info:

Click here for a flyer with more infoLink to a national #handwritingtheconstitution group for more info.

Professors: joanna.howard @; sara.ducey @


Prof. Howard Reading at Kensington Row Bookshop

Poets Joanna Howard and Jean Nordhaus will be reading their work at Kensington Row Bookshop, 7p.m. Oct. 25.

Joanna Howard, a poet and Montgomery College professor, coordinates Splendid Wake, a volunteer-based group working with George Washington University to archive the history of poetry in the DC Metro area from about 1900 on. Her work appears in a variety of magazines, and she was a 2016 finalist in Arlington’s Moving Words contest for Poetry on Buses.

Jean Nordhaus’ six books of poetry include Innocence (Wheeler Prize, Ohio State Univ. Press 2006), The Porcelain Apes of Moses Mendelssohn, and My Life in Hiding (Quarterly Review of Literature vol. 30). Her work appears in American Poetry Review, Poetry, Best American Poetry; and her new book, Memos from the Broken World. She is the review editor of Poet Lore.

  • Kensington Row Bookshop
  • 3786 Howard Ave.
  • Kensington, MD 20895
  • 301 949 9416
  • Come early to browse & chat.
  • Wednesday, 25 Oct. 2017, at 7:00 pm
  • Free & open to all with an open reading to follow.


Phoning It In

Prof. Howard, Students Create “Cell Phone Theatre” in ENGL-235

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For the next month, students in ENGL-235, Film and Literature, are working in groups to create their own video adaptation of a short story.

The assignment, “Cell Phone Theatre,” asks that each group select a short story to adapt, which they will turn into a script, a 10-minute video, a poster and a summary/analysis, all of which will be uploaded on to a wiki page in Blackboard.

And yes, this means that each student takes a turn at acting and directing and working with a budget of nothing to produce 10 minutes of entertainment for an audience of peers.

Have a look as two groups begin planning and plotting and using their cell phones as auteurs. Updates to follow . . .

Fall 2016: Take Film and Literature


If you’ve always argued about whether the book was better or worse than the movie… If you’ve always been convinced that you could’ve adapted the story better… THEN THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

  • Mondays 2 – 4:45
  • Sept. 12 -Dec. 18
  • SB 117
  • ENGL 235
  • CRN 20777, 3 Credits
  • Arts Distribution, General Elective, Upper Level Requirement
  • Professor Joanna Howard – contact me if you have any questions

Popcorn Provided

A Field Trip through History and Memorials

Here are a few photos from the spring ’16 ENGL 002 unit on memorials and history, which included a visit from DC architect Larysa Kurylas as well as a field trip to downtown DC to visit the Holodomor Famine Memorial, which Kurylas designed, as well as to see the Japanese-American Internment Memorial, the A. Phillip Randolph statue (at Union Station) and the Native American museum on the Mall.

Both activities, lecture and field trip, served as idea gathering as the students went on to develop their own writing, which involved choosing a person in their lives to memorialize.The paper explained the importance of the person as well as the design of the hypothetical monument, and the students memorialized everyone from the inventor of Monopoly, to an unknown parent, to family in Palestine.

–Prof. Joanna Howard

Destressing Before Finals: Crafting Found Poems

Creative Writing of Poetry students on the Rockville campus finished the semester crafting found poetry collages.

Using magazines, origami paper, calendars, pens, crayons and markers, the students developed poetry that looked as beautiful as it sounded.  Some student poets plan to use their work as their portfolio covers, others will be displaying them as works of art.

Regardless of the plan, a lot of laughter and fun went into the creation, fueled by cookies and lemonade.

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The Splendid Wake, a DC-based poetry project “that documents poets and poetry from 1900 to current day” welcomed Montgomery College professor Joanna Howard (Rockville) back to their group.

We were very lucky that Joanna Howard was able to return to her leadership role.

Montgomery College Faculty and StaffProf. Joanna Howard (English, Rockville campus) is one of six poets whose work will be featured by the Moving Words Poetry Contest in Arlington, Virginia.

Her poem, “untitled,” will be featured in an ART bus for three months this year.

Along with the five other winning poets, she will be reading her work on April 10 at  4pm at the  IOTA Club and Café, 2832 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201.

The 2016 MOVING WORDS Competition was juried by Francisco Aragón, poet, editor, and literary curator, and offers area poets the chance to have their work publicly displayed on Arlington Transit (ART) buses, where it will be seen by thousands of riders over a three month period.

Creative Writing @Rockville: Spring 2016

ENGL 272: Introduction to the Creative Writing of Poetry

  • CRN31407 3cr W 2:00 pm – 4:40 pm 01/27/16 – 05/15/16 Joanna M. Howard
  • CRN30395 3cr DL WEB 01/25/16 – 05/15/16 Marianne Szlyk

ENGL 264: Introduction to the Creative Writing of Fiction

  • 31400 3cr W 6:30 pm – 9:10 pm 01/27/16 – 05/15/16 Julie A. Wakeman-Linn
  • 31401 3cr TR 12:30 pm – 1:45 pm 01/26/16 – 05/15/16 Joanna M. Howard
  • 31402 3cr MWF 10:00 am – 10:50 am 01/25/16 – 05/15/16 Jarvis J. Slacks

ENGL 265: Advanced Fiction

  • 31403 3cr T 6:30 pm – 9:10 pm 01/26/16 – 05/15/16 Julie A. Wakeman-Linn

Special Honors Offerings (talk to Prof. Julie Wakeman-Linn):

  • HONR251: Writing The Novel : Contact Professor Wakeman-Linn if interested (

HONR275Potomac Review (Literary Journal) Internship:

  • 33972 3cr  01/26/16 – 05/15/16 Joanna M. Howard

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