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Two New PACE sections of ENGL101A

We have a couple of new late-start PACE sections for students who tested in January.

Are you a PACE student at Montgomery College on the Rockville Campus?  Have you found a PACE section that will fit your schedule?  We’ve just opened additional PACE sections:

  • PACE CRN 37148
  • Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-12:15
  • Starts Feb. 2

  • PACE CRN 37145
  • Tuesday/Thursday 2:00-7:00 pm
  • Starts March 22. This is a late start, very fast-paced class.

If you have any questions or need help, call the EN/RD office at 240-567-7409.  Or, feel free to email


Student PACE Winners Announced

Winners of the first annual PACE Awards, Fall 2015. Dean Rodney Redmond stands in the back row, left.
Winners of the first annual PACE Awards, Fall 2015.
Front: Jaya Yogendran, Jennifher Hernandez, Tara West, and Roger Witt.
Back: Dean Rodney Redmond, Jaime Vaquez, and Josh Goldstein

The English and Reading Department is proud to announce the winners of the first annual PACE Conference.

The top six prize recipients were

  • Josh Goldstein
  • Jennifher Hernandez
  • Jaime Vaquiz
  • Tara West
  • Roger Witt
  • Jaya Yogendran
  • Top spots: Roger, Jaya, and Tara!

Thanks to all who participated, and congratulations to our winners!

Students in PACE classes from Spring and Fall 2015 submitted essays in a highly competitive scholarship contest. The winners read their essays at the conference on Wednesday, Nov. 15 where awards were presented by Dean Rodney Redmond.

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