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Why Study Humanities? Because It’s Good for You!

Economist, professor, and Pulitzer-Prize-winning columnist, Steven Pearlstein, an American Studies major himself, explains why a major in history, philosophy, the arts or even English (yay!) is worth the time, effort and money. Here’s the link and quote:

Even so, I found it shocking that some of the brightest students in Virginia had been misled — by parents, the media, politicians and, alas, each other — into thinking that choosing English or history as a major would doom them to lives as impecunious schoolteachers.

If that didn’t convince you, read this from Chemistry professor Loretta Jackson-Hayes:

As a chemist, I agree that remaining competitive in the sciences is a critical issue. But as an instructor, I also think that if American STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Math] grads are going lead the world in innovation, then their science education cannot be divorced from the liberal arts.

Talk to your counselor about switching to one of these majors or certificate programs!


Take Techniques of Editing and Proofreading

Techniques of Editing and Proofreading is the latest course on the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus!

Are you giving thanks to the heavens that you passed ENGL102 or ENGL103? Are you ecstatic to be “through with English”? 

Do you not yet realize that you will never be “through with English” in an English speaking country and that good written communication will be required in every course (even dance and math courses often require a research paper!) and in every non-menial job for the rest of your life?

To improve your ability to produce well-written documents of various kinds, take ENGL258. This is an evening class to accommodate those students looking to improve skills they already use in the workplace.

BusinessPeopleCrossingFinishLineENGL258 students will first brush up on grammar and punctuation rules and diction, then master the editing symbols, learn how to follow required formats and successfully turn poorly written communication into professional, publishable documents.

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Take “News Writing,” ENGL-252

LiebBookCoverNews Writing is a great class to hone writing skills, to build interviewing (and active listening) skills, and challenge your critical thinking.

The course is a combination of in-class discussion and exercises with real-world journalism. By the end of the semester, students have at least four stories to share with potential employers. The best students have gone on to jobs and internships after taking this class.

The textbooks: “All the News,” less than $20 to rent. AP Styleguide, about $20.

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