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Prof. Niamatali published in anthology

World of Poetry Niamatali

Professor Stanley Niamatali (ENGL-R) has had his poems “The Deportee” and “The Convert’s Defence” included in the anthology A World of Poetry (3rd edition, 2017).


It’s available as a paperback at online retailers and in e-book format.



“Lives of the Apostles” published by Prof. Collins.

Lives of the Apostles Clif CollinsProfessor Clif Collins (ENGL-R) has published a book of poetry, “Lives of the Apostles.” It’s available as a paperback at online retailers and in e-book format.


…and he said how if he could

just find the right woman

he’d burn everything

he owned and start over,

then laughed and freed

the smoke on that kudzu trestle–

said that’s what he’d been doing

most of his life anyway,

minus the right woman.

Dept. Chair Publishes Study

Montgomery College Faculty and StaffENGL-READ Dept. Chair Elizabeth Benton published a study, “It’s Emotional: An English Teacher’s Journey In a New Classroom” on the Innovation Works website. The study tracks the academic and emotional life of a community college professor, “Sarah,” through her teaching in a new form of English Composition class.

The Accelerated Learning Program, or ALP, brings developmental students into the college-level classroom and also continues instruction with them in a separate course. It asks the teacher to open up to students and consider the whole student–academic and home life–during instruction: “In her classroom, Sarah recognizes the need to invest in the students’ lives, to understand who they are beyond their essay writing.”

From the study:

But when we are faced with more than half of a class of students who are just not “getting it,” we have to consider our whole person as well as theirs. In an effort to create meaningful instruction, do we have to invest ourselves in the lives of our students, their educational and life gaps? Perhaps the inclusion model for developmental student learning is an effective first step toward answering that question.

Benton is a doctoral candidate at The George Washington University in the Graduate School of Education and Human Development.

Prof. David Lott’s book of poetry New to Guayama got a very favorable review in the Washington Independent Review of Books.

Prof. Miriam Hamilton Published

Prof. Miriam Hamilton (ENGL, Rockville campus) has her story “Manosphere” published on the website

Hamilton holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Yale University and an M.A. in Writing from Johns Hopkins and writes stories about women engineers.

Congratulations on your first short story publication, Miriam!

Prof. Sneider Builds Writing App

Prof. Leah Sneider (MC-R, English), has created an iPhone/iPad app aimed at the pre-writing process. Congratulations, Leah!

From the website:

The Write Tool app is designed to guide the user through the pre-writing process via a series of interactive steps that rely on user input. You can jump around the different steps of the pre-writing process as needed. You may save projects and return to them later, export them to Word, Google Docs, iCloud, Dropbox, or email them to yourself, your instructor, or whomever.


ENGL-READ Prof. Isaiah Ayafor will speak later this week at the Language and Sustainable Development Goals Symposium in New York regarding his piece published in the refereed journal, Language Policy. The title: “Eric A. Anchimbe: Language Policy and Identity Construction: The Dynamics of Cameroon’s Multilingualism.”

Ayafor article title in Language Policy.
Ayafor’s article title page in Language Policy.

Prof. Malveaux’s Book: #1 New Release

Montgomery College Faculty and StaffProf. Greg Malveaux (Rockville, English), has a new book, Look before Leaping, Risks, Liabilities, and Repair of Study Abroad in Higher Education. says it is a “#1 New Release in Student Travel Guides.” The publication date is set for April 8.

Malveaux has long been a leader in study-abroad opportunities at Montgomery College and is the Coordinator of Travel and Study Abroad.

The book prepares both students and leaders for the potential pitfalls of studying abroad.

From the book description at Amazon:

Look before Leaping merges court trends and cases, experts’ first-hand accounts and recommendations of best practices, currently used risk-averting documents, and essential texts to bring a comprehensive study of the most common risks, liabilities, and needed repair for study abroad in higher education.


MischeSoupCanClick here to read Prof. Monica Mische‘s piece in the Washington Post Magazine. It’s part of their “Mine” feature in which writers talk about a specific object that has meaning to them. Prof. Mische’s: a particular can of Chalet Suzanne watercress soup. The reason it’s important is a heart-warming story.

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