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We all write our own histories.


Rita Kranidis

Spring17: ENGL233 Short Story, Global Texts

The Short Story ENGL 233

  • With special focus on global texts.
  • CRN: 34262
  • Online class.
  • Taught by Dr. Rita Kranidis

GHI Needs Web Master

Dear colleagues:

The Global Humanities Institute seeks a faculty member who can devote some time to maintaining our website, As per the conditions of our grant, our website is the key means through which we share our work with our colleagues here and at other institutions working on developing a similar program.

As you can see, our previous web person, who has just become chair of her department, has done an outstanding job over the last four years so that we have everything in place. Now we need someone to make modifications and updates as necessary, on an ongoing basis.

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Global Studies at Work in DC

Global Studies at Work in DC

  • Course #CRP110
  • CRN #: 42367
  • June 6–23, 2016 Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus, Pavilion Four, Room 101

Through a series of site visits to think tanks, governmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations in Washington, D.C., you will explore ways to apply global studies beyond the classroom.

Through site visits, classroom active learning, and reflective assignments, learn about and research potential career pathways in global studies—accessible from a variety of degree programs.

As part of the course, you will create or revise your resume, as appropriate, and create e-portfolios reflecting your new knowledge, observations, and career plans developed through the course.

Course reading materials will be provided. Continue reading “Global Studies at Work in DC”

New Course: Intro. to Global Humanities

Montgomery College English-Reading Department Distance Learning IconNEW COURSE for Summer Session II

Introduction to Global Humanities

  • 3 credit hour course,
  • Online Summer II, CRN: 12246
  • July 11 to Aug. 19, 2016
  • It’s a great general elective!
  • Taught by Michelle Moran

Assessment Levels:

  • ENGL 101/101A, READ 120

The course is offered by the Global Humanities Institute.

DL: Intro. to the Short Story (Ancient parables to modern myths and more…)

Read and study short stories from Ancient Parables to Modern Myths!

Distance Learning, Introduction to the Short Story

Professor Rita Kranidis, PhD


Pre-requisite: EN101/A or consent of the instructor

Study the evolution of the short story form over time and cultures, from ancient parables to contemporary myth-making. Learn how stories work and how they have been adapted and used for different purposes.  Samples of literature from the world will be studied, researched, analyzed and discussed, with opportunities for students to specialize in an author or text they are most interested in. Online sources will supplement assigned anthology.

Email the prof:

Introduction to World Literature II on the TPSS Campus

Introduction to World Literature II, Takoma Park Campus

Samplings of World Literature from 1650 to today, in its many forms and origins. Readings will include poetry, drama, letters, novels, and various experimental forms of writing. Students will have an opportunity to specialize in a period, author or culture that they find most interesting. We will explore the messages world literature conveys and work to connect the literature with its multiple contexts. Online sources will supplement assigned Dover Thrift Editions books.

Professor Rita Kranidis, PhD

ENGL 202 [31922]

TR   12:30PM-1:45PM  TPSS Campus

Pre-requisite: EN101/A or consent of the instructor. EN201 is NOT a pre-requisite for this course.

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