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Spring 2017: Cosmos, Heroes and Monsters! Take Intro. to World Lit. 1

Learn about creation and cosmos, epic heroes and monsters, kings and queens, self and society.  It’s quite an adventure!!

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Spring17: Emotional, Enigmatic, Rebellious: Sign up for Survey of Brit Lit II

Want to read poems that are intense, emotional, rebellious, and enigmatic?

Want to experience life through pleasure and pain, tears and laughter, joy and suffering, mysteries and adventures?

Wonder why race relations are so complex?

Wonder why our existence is so puzzling and confusing?


  • English 214: Survey of Brit Lit II
    • You do NOT need to take Brit Lit I in order to sign up for Brit Lit II!
  • Online (distance learning)
  • CRN 35093
  • Questions or concerns? Contact: Prof.

100 Visitors Attend First Literature Poster Session

Literature Poster Session
Literature Poster Session

It was eleven-thirty in the morning, and Science Center 152 was already abuzz with the participants eagerly and excitedly talking about their projects and sharing their thoughts on their favorite works of literature with the faculty and students in attendance.

Some students were clustered around their posters chatting and relaxing, having found a space and occasion to be temporarily relieved of their study stress. This was the first Literature Poster Session hosted by the Department of Reading and English on November 17 in SC 152.

Over the course of the day, close to a hundred visitors attended the event. Thirty-three students had created colorful and thought-provoking poster presentations for display. Their topics ranged from Oedipus the King to Gilgamesh to Chinese poetry to Robinson Crusoe to Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things to Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Israel Alfaro won the poster session top prize for his English 201: World Lit I poster. Israel drew very clever connections between modern day memes and the Chinese ‘Classic of Poetry’ composed between 1000 and 600 B.C.E.

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