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Spring 2016

All the Fun Dystopia Can Offer

Interested in exploring the rich worlds of literature and film all while fulfilling your Gen Ed Humanities Distribution? Prof. Matthew Decker’s ENGL 235 this semester on the Takoma Park/ Silver Spring campus.

This spring semester, the focus of this class will be on feature films adapted from novels that either explore or take place within dystopian worlds.  Emphasis will be on developing critical reading, viewing, and analytical skills by comparing and contrasting the literary texts and the film adaptations of the texts. 

 This class meets once a week on Wednesday from 2:00 – 4:55 PM and fulfills a General Education Program Humanities Distribution requirement. Want to know more?

Email Prof. Decker at



Take Techniques of Editing and Proofreading

Techniques of Editing and Proofreading is the latest course on the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus!

Are you giving thanks to the heavens that you passed ENGL102 or ENGL103? Are you ecstatic to be “through with English”? 

Do you not yet realize that you will never be “through with English” in an English speaking country and that good written communication will be required in every course (even dance and math courses often require a research paper!) and in every non-menial job for the rest of your life?

To improve your ability to produce well-written documents of various kinds, take ENGL258. This is an evening class to accommodate those students looking to improve skills they already use in the workplace.

BusinessPeopleCrossingFinishLineENGL258 students will first brush up on grammar and punctuation rules and diction, then master the editing symbols, learn how to follow required formats and successfully turn poorly written communication into professional, publishable documents.

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Work in the Day, Learn in the Night

Need to complete your Basic English credits but you work all day?

Take ENGL-001, Basic English with Assistant Professor Elphick.

Here are the details:

  • Course: English 001: Basic Writing. CRN: 31095
  • Professor: Elphick
  • Campus: Rockville
  • Time: 6:30 to 8:45 p.m.
  • When: Spring Semester, 2016.
  • Course Begins: Jan. 26th

Get the latest SPRING 2016 Course News Here!

Courses at MC Germantown

Courses at MC Rockville

Courses at MC Takoma Park/Silver Spring

Courses Online (Distance Learning)

(We will be updating these pages constantly until the semester starts–come on back!)

New Combination: ENGL-102HC: Social Issues and the Science Behind Them

Honors students — For the first time at Montgomery College, we are offering a full honors ENGL 102 course with a focus on current social issues and the science behind them. Tackle topics such as climate change, genetic modification, energy, and conservation while developing and honing your reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. In addition, students in this course will have the opportunity to work with materials from the Library of Congress!

ENGL 102HC 36344
Spring 2016
MW 10:00 – 11:15
Professor John Wang

All Campuses: Get Global Now with GHUM101!

Global-Humanities-Institute-BannerIncrease your global knowledge! Begin your global training by taking Introduction to Global Humanities in Spring, 2016, now offered on all campuses.

Available on all three campuses:

This course focuses on contemporary issues about fairness, equality, and community around the world from the perspective of the humanities: history, language and literature, art, philosophy, religion. The course will feature films, events, and guest speakers on global humanities, from global perspectives that include popular culture. [Pre-requisite: ENGL101 assessment level or by instructor’s permission.]

This is a late-start course, beginning one week after normal start date.

Choose your campus!

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DL: Intro. to the Short Story (Ancient parables to modern myths and more…)

Read and study short stories from Ancient Parables to Modern Myths!

Distance Learning, Introduction to the Short Story

Professor Rita Kranidis, PhD


Pre-requisite: EN101/A or consent of the instructor

Study the evolution of the short story form over time and cultures, from ancient parables to contemporary myth-making. Learn how stories work and how they have been adapted and used for different purposes.  Samples of literature from the world will be studied, researched, analyzed and discussed, with opportunities for students to specialize in an author or text they are most interested in. Online sources will supplement assigned anthology.

Email the prof:

Montgomery College English-Reading Department Distance Learning IconENGL-103 Distance Learning Students: Orientations for Spring 2016 have been announced:


  • January 25th (Monday), Rockville, 4:00-5:00, Room HU 123
  • January 29th (Friday), Rockville, 11:00-12:00, Room HU 123
  • January 29th (Friday), Germantown, 3:00-4:00, Room PK 181
  • January 30th (Saturday), Takoma Park/Silver Spring, 10:00-11:00, Room ST330
  • March 21st (Monday), Takoma Park/Silver Spring, 11:00-12:00, Room ST332

Creative Writing @Rockville: Spring 2016

ENGL 272: Introduction to the Creative Writing of Poetry

  • CRN31407 3cr W 2:00 pm – 4:40 pm 01/27/16 – 05/15/16 Joanna M. Howard
  • CRN30395 3cr DL WEB 01/25/16 – 05/15/16 Marianne Szlyk

ENGL 264: Introduction to the Creative Writing of Fiction

  • 31400 3cr W 6:30 pm – 9:10 pm 01/27/16 – 05/15/16 Julie A. Wakeman-Linn
  • 31401 3cr TR 12:30 pm – 1:45 pm 01/26/16 – 05/15/16 Joanna M. Howard
  • 31402 3cr MWF 10:00 am – 10:50 am 01/25/16 – 05/15/16 Jarvis J. Slacks

ENGL 265: Advanced Fiction

  • 31403 3cr T 6:30 pm – 9:10 pm 01/26/16 – 05/15/16 Julie A. Wakeman-Linn

Special Honors Offerings (talk to Prof. Julie Wakeman-Linn):

  • HONR251: Writing The Novel : Contact Professor Wakeman-Linn if interested (

HONR275Potomac Review (Literary Journal) Internship:

  • 33972 3cr  01/26/16 – 05/15/16 Joanna M. Howard

Get Some Principles! Learn Grammar This Spring!

Get Some Principles! Take English Grammar this Spring!

Register for ENGL110, Principles of English Grammar

CRN 31666

Questions? Call Dr. Dickison:(240) 567-4004

Sign up for a course full of Glamour:
Learn to read and write like M.C. Hammer!
English 110 this Spring
Is a beautiful thing:
Doc D’s teaching Principles of Grammar.

Take “News Writing,” ENGL-252

LiebBookCoverNews Writing is a great class to hone writing skills, to build interviewing (and active listening) skills, and challenge your critical thinking.

The course is a combination of in-class discussion and exercises with real-world journalism. By the end of the semester, students have at least four stories to share with potential employers. The best students have gone on to jobs and internships after taking this class.

The textbooks: “All the News,” less than $20 to rent. AP Styleguide, about $20.

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Montgomery College English-Reading Department Distance Learning IconSTUDENTS: ENGL-102, Distance Learning Orientations for Spring 2016

  • Monday, January 25, from 7:00 PM to 8:10 PM in HU115 (Rockville)
  • Saturday, January 30, from 12 noon to 1:10 PM in ST330 (Takoma Park/Silver Spring)
  • Tuesday, February 9, from 8:00 PM to 9:10 PM in HU111 (Rockville)
  • Saturday, February 13, from 11:00 AM to 12:10PM in HS 177 (Germantown)
  • Monday, March 21, from 8:00 PM to 9:10 PM in HU111 (Rockville)

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