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Steve Thurston

Take Grammar: Summer 1

Do you hate grammar? So did Prof. Thurston when he was in high school.

Now, he breaks down the intimidating and confusing rules of this important subject using a clear series of videos, lectures and exercises.

Not only will students learn many rules–such as how to use that pesky semicolon (;)–but also how to think of grammar in terms of power in their writing, using the rules of grammar to express their own meaning more clearly.

Take the Principles of English Grammar, Summer 1 2016

  • CRN:¬†40313
  • Monday through Thursday: 10:30 to 12:40
  • Humanities Building 317, Rockville Campus

Ode to Semester’s End

Put your feet up in comfy, brown loafers
You’ve proved it! You’re students, not posers.
Exams, labs and projects,
Are gone, it’s all¬†perfect!
Til next month when we start it all over!

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