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Swift Dickison

Fiction Writing Goes Global


Art may be the result of achieving what James Joyce called “wholeness, harmony, and radiance,” but what about the craft of writing?

Joyce Carol Oates claims that “inspiration and energy and even genius are rarely enough to make ‘art.'” Prose fiction engages one in craft, and craft must be learned.

You will learn your craft in ENGL-264 with Dr. Dickison, who holds an M.A. in the creative writing of short fiction.

Forge sketches and craft full-length stories through the study of character, dialogue, plot, theme, action, symbol, imagery, narrative, and careful revision and editing. Study the masters in order to engage powerful influences for the rhythm and force of your own prose, your own “vivid, continuous dream,” as John Gardner put it.

Unique opportunity: Connect with creative writing students in India by way of the Global Classrooms initiative; Dr. Dickison has arranged for virtual discussions between his ENGL-264 students and young writers at Jindal Global University in Delhi. Our connections should be rich with cultural possibility, and we will focus on creative non-fiction as a genre through which to exchange works and ideas using Skype, Collaborate, and other methods of communication. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to share your ideas and creative writing on a global scale.

  • Register for ENGL264, CRN31235,
  • Wednesday evenings, 6:30 – 9:10 p.m.
  • Questions? Email; or call 240 567-4004.



World Ensemble Concert Includes “Dr. D.”

This is a final reminder about our World Ensemble Concert on Wednesday 30 November, 7:30 at the Parilla Arts Center.   The concert is free, and we welcome students, staff, and faculty.

The English Department’s own Swift “Dr. D” Dickison will be among those performing!

Red Jacket Lit. Mag. Looking for Editor

Calling all Editors:

Students: if you have editing experience and are interested in working on the Red Jacket Literary Magazine staff, please send an email note to Dr. Dickison:, or call 240 567-4004.

Dr. Swift Dickison, Faculty Advisor to the Red Jacket.
Dr. Swift Dickison, Faculty Advisor to the Red Jacket.

Come by SB 104B on Mondays between 2 and 4 to discuss how you can serve as an editor for the Red Jacket, which will soon be accepting submissions of short fiction, poetry, art, and photography for our spring 2017 issue.


Online: Modern Poetry Fall 2016

Study Modern Poetry:

  • Fall 2016
  • English 231, Introduction to Modern Poetry
  • CRN20369
  • 3 Credits
  • Offered entirely Online
  • Begins on 29 August
  • Contact: Dr.

ENGL231 satisfies your General Education Humanities Distribution as well as your Cultural Perspectives graduation requirements.

Introduction to Modern Poetry provides you with a survey of the broad genre of poetic works from the mid-19th century to the present. We will study poets, their poetry, and their essays on poetics, all in their literary, historical, socio-political contexts.

Though the course is online, you will benefit from audio and video links designed to enrich your reading experience. The intensive and delightful study of poetry has proven to heighten one’s critical thinking skill and to deepen one’s global perspective.

The online format provides you with a convenient platform with which to engage in rewarding study at your own pace, yet the assignments are rigorous and fulfilling, preparing you for further engagement in upper-division literature and writing courses at university.

Register now for ENGL231 with Dr. Dickison, who created this online version of the course. Space is still available.

Fall 2016: Study Literature by Women


English 208, Women in Literature

CRN24440   3 Credits


  • Rockville campus, HU129 
  • Monday nights, 6:30 – 9:25


ENGL208 satisfies your General Education Humanities Distribution as well as your Cultural Perspectives graduation requirements.

Every year is an important year for women, but this particular year may prove to be crucial.  How is your awareness of the contributions that women have made in society, culture, and literature in particular?  Here are some questions to ponder:

Who was Julian of Norwich and how significant were her “visions”? What did Mary Wollstonecraft mean by “a revolution in female manners, . . . to reform the world”?  What were the ramifications of the fact that “both satires on female vice and celebrations of feminine virtue in the eighteenth century were informed by medieval portraits of a destructive Eve and a redemptive Mary,” as Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar have put it? How did it stand that an essayist such as Richard Steele could claim that all a middle class woman had “to do in this world, is contained within the duties of a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother”?

Continue reading “Fall 2016: Study Literature by Women”

Red Jacket 2016 Publication Event

All are invited…

The Red Jacket

MC Rockville’s Student Literary Magazine

Publication Event, Wednesday May 4

Noon to 2:00

Campus Center 216


Creative Writers, faculty, staff, and people who love to read:

Come to the Red Jacket 2016 publication event. Enjoy the work of the student writers and editors who make this journal possible.

  • Free copies of the 2016 edition to all who come!
  • Light Refreshments will be provided.
  • Learn how you can submit your poetry, fiction, prose, art work, and photography for the 2017 spring edition of the magazine.
  • Questions? Email either of the Advisors:
  • Or email Editor-in-Chief

Summer II: Online Intro. to Lit.

DickisonFlyerIntroduction to Literature offered Online Summer 2!

Engage in the scintillating study of Fiction, Poetry, and Drama this summer by taking ENGL190, conveniently offered online.

Steep yourself in engrossing stories; fill your head with poignant poetry; entrance your sensibilities by losing yourself in spellbinding drama.

You will savor superb literature while enhancing your critical thinking skills; you will be the envy of your friends and family.  You will revel in English 190 under the tutelage of Dr. Dickison, Ph.D.

Get Some Principles! Learn Grammar This Spring!

Get Some Principles! Take English Grammar this Spring!

Register for ENGL110, Principles of English Grammar

CRN 31666

Questions? Call Dr. Dickison:(240) 567-4004

Sign up for a course full of Glamour:
Learn to read and write like M.C. Hammer!
English 110 this Spring
Is a beautiful thing:
Doc D’s teaching Principles of Grammar.

Professors Keith "Richards" Elphick and Swift Dickison (right) jam in Dickinson's office during a holiday soiree.
Professors Keith “Richards” Elphick and Swift Dickison (right) jam in Dickison’s office during a holiday soiree. Both teach English on the Rockville campus. Not pictured: guitar playing professor, Tim McWhirter (Rockville, Philosophy).

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