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Get Your Seat Now for ENGL 102 31436!


Have you successfully completed ENGL 101 or ENGL 101A? Then don’t miss ENGL 102 CRN 31436 at Takoma Park starting Jan. 29 on Monday evenings at 6:15 p.m., spring 2018.

Want to better your persuasive writing techniques, MLA documentation, and research skills while developing clearer and more effective college-level writing? How about becoming adept in reading and writing about important social issues to develop persuasive argumentative techniques and improve important research skills?

Then don’t miss this class!

I look forward to seeing you there and feel free to email me, Prof. Landrus, with any questions in the meantime about the class at:

  • ENGL 102, Critical Thinking, Writing and Research
  • Spring 2018
  • CRN: 31436
  • Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus.
  • Monday 6:15-9 p.m.
  • LATE STARTING CLASS: starts Jan. 29.
  • Prerequisite: ENGL 101/A
  • Questions? Contact Prof.

Click here for a printable/downloadable flyer.


Intro to Lit Hybrid This Spring!

This is a fast, convenient way to complete your HUMD requirement. It only meets face-to-face one night a week, with most course discussions on Blackboard. No lengthy research paper required! The textbook is available on Amazon, usually for under $50

  • ENGL 190
  • CRN: 31510
  • Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus
  • LATE STARTING, Thursdays 6:15-8 p.m.
  • HUMD
  • Honors module available, CRN: 36135
  • Prerequisite: students must be at the ENGL 101/A (but it is not a prerequisite).
  • Questions? Contact Prof.

Click here for a printable/downloadable flyer.

Don’t lose your momentum: Register for 101 in Summer 1!

Why should you register for summer English?

1) Since you’re taking fewer classes, you can focus on your writing without splitting your focus.  2) The instructor has more time since she has fewer classes too.  3) You won’t forget what you learned over the summer, 4) so the fall English class won’t feel like starting over.  5) The lessons and assignments are condensed for the shorter session.  6) You can improve daily.

Don’t lose your momentum.  Register for an English summer course today.  Summer I begins May 30th.

Save yourself the stress:

  • NO balancing your work and class schedule
  • NO fighting traffic multiple times a week
  • NO rushing through class lectures and assignments

Questions? Contact professor

  • ENGL-101, CRN 43563
  • Intro. to College Writing
  • Summer 1
  • Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus
  • Saturdays, 9-12:45

Intro. to Global Humanities

Sections on all three campuses in fall 2017!

This interdisciplinary course focuses on contemporary issues about fairness, equality, and community around the world from the perspective of the humanities: history, language and literature, art, music, linguistics, popular culture, philosophy, religion, archaeology. The course features films, events, independent research, and guest speakers on global issues viewed from perspectives that promote cultural awareness and understanding.

Student scholarships are available to Montgomery college students taking GHUM101. For details, contact Dr Rita Kranidis, Direct, Global Humanities Institute [] or visit our website.

Complete ENGL102 in 5 Weeks Summer 2 at TP/SS!

If you want to complete your English Foundation before the start of the fall semester, consider taking it at night during summer session II on the TP/SS campus!

The course (CRN 10191) meets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night from July 12th to August 11th from 6-8:30.

The textbook is older and can be purchased used for considerably less than the current textbook adoptions.  And it’s just as good too!

The textbook is: Wood, Nancy V., Perspectives on Argument, 7th ed. ISBN 9780205060337.

The required handbook is also readily available used: Hacker, Diana, Rules for Writers, 7th ed.  9780312647957

Come after work and be done each night in just two and a half hours–no long class meetings that go into the late night!

Please forward any questions to Prof. Couch at or (240) 567-1352.

Don’t delay; enroll today!

Summer 2: Invigorate Your Summer with Intro. to College Writing

ENGL 101A: Introduction toCollege Writing

  • SUMMER II (July 11 to Aug. 11)
  • Thursday from 9:00 to 11:55 a.m.

Are you looking for an opportunity to invigorate your summer with a fun and rewarding learning experience? An experience that centers on inspiring readings, unique writing topics, and valuable debates about current events? An experience you can pursue in the morning without dominating your entire day?

Consider enrolling in one of Montgomery College’s English Foundation courses in Summer II.

In Professor Matthew Decker’s ENGL 101A, he is excited to take students on a journey through multiple writing modes, to introduce relevant grammar and punctuation concepts, and to navigate the work of impressive student writers as well as the timeless stories of the authors you know and love.

Want to know more about the course? Continue reading “Summer 2: Invigorate Your Summer with Intro. to College Writing”

New Course for Fall: Intro. to Global Humanities

Montgomery College English-Reading Department Distance Learning IconNEW COURSE for Fall 2016

Introduction to Global Humanities

  • 3 credit hour course
  • Fall 2016

It’s a great general elective!

  • Germantown
    • CRN: 24947
    • Tuesday/Thursday 12:30 – 1:55 p.m.
    • Sept. 6 through Dec. 18, 2016
    • Taught by Prof. Joan Naake
  • Takoma Park 
    • CRN: 24991
    • Building: SN 105
    • TR 11:00 AM – 12:25 PM
    • Sept. 6 through Dec. 18, 2016
    • Taught by Professor Gregory Wahl

Assessment Levels:

  • ENGL 101/101A, READ 120

The course is offered by the Global Humanities Institute.

Fall 2016: Composing the Self (a Learning Community Course)

Just register for these two courses in person or online:

  • ENGL101 24185, Intro to College Writing: 11:00-12:15 Tuesday/Thursday
  • PSYC102 24186, General Psychology: 12:30-1:45 Tuesday/Thursday
  • Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus


Contact Professor Joseph Couch (English)

  • (240) 567-1352

Or Professor Andrew Herst (Psychology)

  • (240) 567-3945

Learning Community courses pair courses in separate disciplines with one another to give the student more chances to apply knowledge and develop ideas.

Summer 1: Introduction to Literature

ENGL 190, Introduction to Literature
Professor Greg Wahl
Summer I 2016, CRN 41906
TR 8:00-11:45 TP/SS

Read and respond to fun and interesting stories, poems, and plays from around the world.

A customer walks into a diner and orders eggs and toast. Suddenly and without a word, the sole employee of the diner, Javier, is taken away by the authorities. No one else in the diner notices. The customer is left watching his eggs continue to cook on the grill. What happens next? (Larry Fondation, “Deportation at Breakfast”)

A chef is being held as a political prisoner. He escapes from his shackles, and a college professor is captured and held in his place, in a case of mistaken identity. The chef finds the professor’s briefcase, which contains all the professor’s personal information about his life and job. What would you do? (Rebecca Makai, “The Briefcase”)

Need a couple more teasers?  Continue reading “Summer 1: Introduction to Literature”

FYI to students and faculty: the ENGL journalism courses–Intro. to Journalism and News Writing–were moved into the COMM department at Friday’s Curriculum Committee meeting.

The hope in the move is that MC’s degree-seeking COMM students will now have more choices in their upper-level writing courses and that the courses will have a natural audience of potential students.

Congratulations to all who helped make this possible. Changes will appear in time for the Fall 2016 semester.

Late Start Intro. to Literature

ENGL190  CRN 31924 — Intro to Lit

Kirzner Compact Literature
Kirzner Compact Literature

Late start: Feb. 1, 9:00-9:55 MWF

Keep your General Education requirements up-to-date with this late start Introduction to Literature.  We’ll do fun stuff–Lit is fun!–and read mostly contemporary people… short story, poetry, plays, graphic novels.

For more on this, contact Prof.

All the Fun Dystopia Can Offer

Interested in exploring the rich worlds of literature and film all while fulfilling your Gen Ed Humanities Distribution? Prof. Matthew Decker’s ENGL 235 this semester on the Takoma Park/ Silver Spring campus.

This spring semester, the focus of this class will be on feature films adapted from novels that either explore or take place within dystopian worlds.  Emphasis will be on developing critical reading, viewing, and analytical skills by comparing and contrasting the literary texts and the film adaptations of the texts. 

 This class meets once a week on Wednesday from 2:00 – 4:55 PM and fulfills a General Education Program Humanities Distribution requirement. Want to know more?

Email Prof. Decker at


Take Techniques of Editing and Proofreading

Techniques of Editing and Proofreading is the latest course on the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus!

Are you giving thanks to the heavens that you passed ENGL102 or ENGL103? Are you ecstatic to be “through with English”? 

Do you not yet realize that you will never be “through with English” in an English speaking country and that good written communication will be required in every course (even dance and math courses often require a research paper!) and in every non-menial job for the rest of your life?

To improve your ability to produce well-written documents of various kinds, take ENGL258. This is an evening class to accommodate those students looking to improve skills they already use in the workplace.

BusinessPeopleCrossingFinishLineENGL258 students will first brush up on grammar and punctuation rules and diction, then master the editing symbols, learn how to follow required formats and successfully turn poorly written communication into professional, publishable documents.

Continue reading “Take Techniques of Editing and Proofreading”

Get the latest SPRING 2016 Course News Here!

Courses at MC Germantown

Courses at MC Rockville

Courses at MC Takoma Park/Silver Spring

Courses Online (Distance Learning)

(We will be updating these pages constantly until the semester starts–come on back!)

All Campuses: Get Global Now with GHUM101!

Global-Humanities-Institute-BannerIncrease your global knowledge! Begin your global training by taking Introduction to Global Humanities in Spring, 2016, now offered on all campuses.

Available on all three campuses:

This course focuses on contemporary issues about fairness, equality, and community around the world from the perspective of the humanities: history, language and literature, art, philosophy, religion. The course will feature films, events, and guest speakers on global humanities, from global perspectives that include popular culture. [Pre-requisite: ENGL101 assessment level or by instructor’s permission.]

This is a late-start course, beginning one week after normal start date.

Choose your campus!

Continue reading “All Campuses: Get Global Now with GHUM101!”

Introduction to World Literature II on the TPSS Campus

Introduction to World Literature II, Takoma Park Campus

Samplings of World Literature from 1650 to today, in its many forms and origins. Readings will include poetry, drama, letters, novels, and various experimental forms of writing. Students will have an opportunity to specialize in a period, author or culture that they find most interesting. We will explore the messages world literature conveys and work to connect the literature with its multiple contexts. Online sources will supplement assigned Dover Thrift Editions books.

Professor Rita Kranidis, PhD

ENGL 202 [31922]

TR   12:30PM-1:45PM  TPSS Campus

Pre-requisite: EN101/A or consent of the instructor. EN201 is NOT a pre-requisite for this course.

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