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Phoning It In

Prof. Howard, Students Create “Cell Phone Theatre” in ENGL-235

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For the next month, students in ENGL-235, Film and Literature, are working in groups to create their own video adaptation of a short story.

The assignment, “Cell Phone Theatre,” asks that each group select a short story to adapt, which they will turn into a script, a 10-minute video, a poster and a summary/analysis, all of which will be uploaded on to a wiki page in Blackboard.

And yes, this means that each student takes a turn at acting and directing and working with a budget of nothing to produce 10 minutes of entertainment for an audience of peers.

Have a look as two groups begin planning and plotting and using their cell phones as auteurs. Updates to follow . . .


I like the new app and the cleaner, 21st-Century MyMC portal. Pleasantly surprised. Nicely done, Office of Info. Technology! Updates to both have been absolutely needed for years.

I’ve clicked through many of the links on the menu at left in the app. Some of them will clearly get upgrades as the college improves the rest of the web experience comes online, but what is there works and is good from what I can tell in my initial use.¬†

Search “Montgomery College” and download the official app (don’t be fooled by pretenders).

–Prof. Thurston

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