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World Lit

Shweta Sen

I won’t try to convince you of the usefulness of literature because its beauty lies in its non-usefulness.  What can you possibly gain from studying the haughtiness of Achilles or the blind stupidity of Oedipus?  What good can come of learning about the promiscuity of Chaucer’s Wife of Bath?  How can the melancholy wistfulness of the ‘Tale of Genji’ be of any use to you?  You can only derive an intense introspective pleasure from reading these works and be struck by the parallels between the worlds of antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance and our modern day existence.  That is all.  If that interests you, please consider signing up for my English 201: World Literature I offered on Rockville campus in Fall 2017.

As for me, what more can I say other than the fact that I am an English professor.  Stacks of essays, cups of coffee, tons of green pens—you get the picture.  Literature is my release, my passion.  My specialization is in British Literature, and my research interests include studies in culture and identity, globalization, and interdisciplinary studies

Prof. Sen teaches:

  • World Literature I, ENGL-201, Fall 2017, CRN 20692
  • Rockville campus

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Spring 2017: Cosmos, Heroes and Monsters! Take Intro. to World Lit. 1

Learn about creation and cosmos, epic heroes and monsters, kings and queens, self and society.  It’s quite an adventure!!

Sign up:

I like the new app and the cleaner, 21st-Century MyMC portal. Pleasantly surprised. Nicely done, Office of Info. Technology! Updates to both have been absolutely needed for years.

I’ve clicked through many of the links on the menu at left in the app. Some of them will clearly get upgrades as the college improves the rest of the web experience comes online, but what is there works and is good from what I can tell in my initial use. 

Search “Montgomery College” and download the official app (don’t be fooled by pretenders).

–Prof. Thurston

Introduction to World Literature II on the TPSS Campus

Introduction to World Literature II, Takoma Park Campus

Samplings of World Literature from 1650 to today, in its many forms and origins. Readings will include poetry, drama, letters, novels, and various experimental forms of writing. Students will have an opportunity to specialize in a period, author or culture that they find most interesting. We will explore the messages world literature conveys and work to connect the literature with its multiple contexts. Online sources will supplement assigned Dover Thrift Editions books.

Professor Rita Kranidis, PhD

ENGL 202 [31922]

TR   12:30PM-1:45PM  TPSS Campus

Pre-requisite: EN101/A or consent of the instructor. EN201 is NOT a pre-requisite for this course.

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